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Desh Bhagat Ayurvedic College & Hospital (ISO 9001:2008 certified College) Amloh Road, P.B. 78, Mandi Gobindgarh, District Fatehgarh Sahib, PIN 147301 Punjab, India

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01765-520540, 520542, 520543
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Institute Rules:

Objective behind these rules is to create academic ambience conducive to learning and holistic growth and development of students:

General Rules

1. An identity card will be issued to all students after admission and it is the duty of the student to keep it with him/her. If any student losses the identity card a new one will be issued on payment of Rs. 100/-.
2. Students are not allowed to paste any notice within the campus of the institution without prior permission from the director/Management and are forbidden to address any outside authority directly.
3. Student Responsible For Damage
4. Students are not permitted to receive presents or money from the hospital patients, nor are they permitted to give presents to members of the staff, individually.
5. Followings are strictly forbidden on the premises of the institution/hostel.
a. The possession or use of alcoholic beverages, hallucinogenic and psychotropic
b. The possession or use of firearms or any lethal weapons.
c. Gambling & smoking.
6. The possession or use of mobile phone in the institution is strictly prohibited. If anybody is found with the mobile phone in the institution, he/she will be fined Rs. 1000/- and mobile set will be forfeited. If by mistake or due to any other unavoidable circumstances/reasons, a student has brought the mobile phone, he/she can deposit the same with gate-keeper before entering the college campus.
7. Fee due for the session will have to be deposited at the beginning of the respective session.
8. No student is allowed to leave the college campus during the college hours without permission of the concerned authority. A very serious note will be taken in case where student miss their classes and create nuisance in the canteen and other places of the campus.
9. The decision of director/Chancellor in any matter will be final & binding. The governing body of the institute reserves the right to alter or add any other regulation wherever required.
10. The institute reserves the right of police verification of antecedents of any student after the admission, if found necessary.
11. Every student must submit the bond/affidavit in the prescribed form within seven days from the date of admission.
12. The college will charge full & final fee for the whole course in case the student migrate to other institution or leave the course in between.
13. The college will be authorized to have bank guarantee/cash guarantee of the balance fee of the whole course.
14. The college will provide the facility of group insurance of the students, the
premium will be paid by the students.
15. No student will indulge into misbehavior of any kind with his/her fellow
students, faculty or any other staff member.
16. Ragging is strictly forbidden and is punishable offence under law.
17. All the students are expected to wear formal dress; wearing of casual and shabby dress is not allowed.
18. Playing of games in class rooms and crackers is strictly prohibited in institute premises.
19. Roaming around and making noise in the corridors is strictly prohibited.
20. Punctuality is a hall mark of good character and universally appreciated trait. Late coming to class is not permitted. Entering the classroom after the faculty has taken his position to teach is not allowed. Students are expected to be in class rooms before entry of the teacher.
21. Decorum of the class will be maintained at all times.

Library Rules

1. Use of library can only be made after issuance of library card.
2. Library card will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/-. In case of loss/damage of card, the new one will be issued after charging Rs. 100/-.
3. Only four books can be issued against card to a student for a maximum period of one month. A fine of Rs. 5/- per day per book will be charged if book is not returned or get reissued by the due date.
4. Loss of book or damage to it, which includes defacement in any form (highlighting, underlining, making notes, tearing of page/s etc.) will invite heavy monetary fine.
5. Reference books, magazines, journals etc. are not available for issue these must only be referred in the library.
6. Use of mobile phone in the library is not permitted.
7. Personal books and other belongings are now allowed in the library.
8. Students creating the nuisance in the library can be punished to extent of suspension or fined. Utmost silence must be observed in the library.


To be eligible for taking final university examination attendance of 75% lectures in theory & practical classes separately is compulsory, otherwise candidate shall not be allowed to appear in University Examinations.
Absence from class without permission in advance, except under emergency or sickness which will require documentary evidence, will be treated as serious lapse and will invite disciplinary action or fine.
The office will monitor attendance of students on regular basis defaulter name will be displayed on notice board before commencement of mid term examination. Shortfall in attendance will be reported to parents/guardian on regular basis.
Please be advised that the institute has little leeway in mitigating attendance shortage.

Dress Code

Students have to wear aprons during the practical and clinical classes in hospital and laboratory. It is also compulsory for interns to wear aprons during their period of Internship.

Hostel Rules

1. Students admitted to hostel also be member of student mess and dine in student mess.
2. Students should not occupy their allotted room without written permission from the hostel warden.
3. The parents/guardian must submit photographs and signatures of two persons who can meet their wards and on whose request the wards can be allowed to go with them. In this concern, they will have to obtain prior permission of Management/director.
4. The refundable deposits are to be obtained back only at the end of academic programme undertaken. In case a student is voluntarily vacating the hostel, after obtaining requisite permission from the authorities or is ordered to vacate under Management/hostel rules, the refundable security will only be paid back/adjustable at the end of academic year.
5. Entry and exit from hostel will be through main gate of the hostel. Students are required to make entry in the outgoing registers maintained in the hostel & at the main gate.
6. No hostel resident is allowed to stay out without proper permission of the warden.
7. Residents at all times are expected to conduct themselves with regard to the comfort and convenience of to her residents. No resident is allowed to indulge in any activity in his /her room, which may cause disturbance to others. Playing of games and other rowdy and noisy activities in the corridors, hostel lawns or verandas is strictly prohibited.
8. Boarders should not keep valuables or large sum of money in their rooms. Hostel authorities in no way will be responsible for any loss or theft.
9. Inmates should not conduct group meeting, circulate books, pamphlets and conduct parties or get together inside the hostel premises.
10. No student is allowed to remain in his/her room in the hostel during college timings, expect under circumstances of ill health and with proper authorization of the hostel authorities.
11. No student shall be allowed to take meals to their rooms or outside the dining hall.
12. Students availing themselves the facilities of cooler will pay extra. No other electric appliance/gadgets are allowed.

Non Compliance of Rules

The institute takes a serious view of non compliance of these codes. Any action from following can be taken against student.

1. Detention from appearing in the annual examination .
2. Suspension of all or any of the student facilities, rights and privileges including exclusion from classes, examination from use of facilities and prohibition or re-enrolment
3. Fine plus cost of damage, where applicable.
4. Suspension of the student enrolment for one or two years.
5. Expulsion from the institution.

Where a student is found guilty of misconduct, one or more of the above penalties may be imposed.

Ragging, in any form is strictly forbidden, and punishable both by the institute and civil authorities. You will not let yourself subjected to ragging under any circumstances. Some guideline that can help you.

* Never be alone always be with one of your friends.
* Do not leave hostel under any circumstances after last light.
* Keep record of all helpline numbers.
* Be polite and courteous to your seniors but not subservient.
* Approach your warden and security personnel for immediate help.
* Do not meet any of the uncalled for request or order of your senior students.